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Monday, 2 January 2012

Tally overview

Tally overview

What sets a company apart is as much in its DNA as its business accomplishments. Tally has differentiated itself emphatically on both counts. Since its inception in 1986, when it was steered by the visionary and passionate Late Shri S. S. Goenka, to its standing more than two decades on as India's leading business management software product company, Tally has come a long way. 

Class-leading technology & a robust Partner system

Tally powers 95% of businesses in India. With Bharat Goenka-son of the Late Founder-at the helm, Tally remains firmly committed to Indian business. A pioneering company, Tally was the first to introduce codeless software, a natural language interface, concurrent multilingual capabilities, and path-breaking remote functionality. In terms of services, this technology giant was the first to launch free service, while dramatic breakaway commercial terms including free upgrades and no charge per seat transformed the ownership experience. Its strong principle right from the early years to reach customers through a dedicated partner network has resulted in a robust partner system.

Over two decades of technological innovation and relentless perfection cannot but show. Tally products are transforming businesses across industry in over 94 countries. More than 2 million business users are testament to its product philosophy...defined by the 'Power of Simplicity'.

After Tally, businesses in India were never the same. With Tally, their future looks strong. At Tally, the revolution is very much on.

Ms. Sheela Goenka 
Co-Founder & Chairperson

Ms. Sheela Goenka succeeds Shri SS Goenka as the chairperson of Tally. She has contributed to the growth of Tally to its present position as a market leader in India and one amongst the leading software brands in the world. She was instrumental in productizing Tally and contributed substantially in expanding Tally’s footprints globally. In addition, she handles several corporate responsibilities. Sheela provides stability, wisdom and practicality to Tally leadership and management.

Mr. Bharat Goenka
Co-Founder & Managing Director

India's number one business solution is the brainchild of Mr. Bharat Goenka. A true technocrat and visionary, he established his business named Peutronics in 1986 to take this phenomenon to market. Under the guidance and inspiration of his father—late Sri S S Goenka—the Company set out to solve the multiple issues faced by Indian businesses. Bharat leveraged the power of technology to create an intuitive and friendly financial accounting solution that mimics the human train of thought.

Bharat's business background led him to the realisation that making time available for the owners of SMBs to concentrate on growth was crucial. At the same time, the focus remained on keeping the product 'simple' enough for a non-technical person to deploy and use—thus starting the concept of 'Power of Simplicity'.

Under his dynamic leadership, Tally has emerged as the technology leader and has rapidly expanded to span 94 countries. He firmly believes that 'everyone who touches Tally should
become happier'.

Tally's success in India has led to Bharat being informally dubbed: "the father of the Indian software product industry". Bharat is a prolific speaker and is invited as a guest speaker at several key industry forums. He was recently awarded the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award by NASSCOM.


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